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— “제비꽃” — ( 제비꽃) 내가 처음 너를 만났을 때 너는 작은 소녀였고 머리엔 제비꽃 너는 웃으며 내게 말했지 아주 멀리 새처럼 날으고 싶어 내가 다시 너를 만났을 때 너는 많이 야위였고 이마엔 땀방울 너는 웃으며 내게 말했지 아주 작은 일에도 눈물이 나와 내가 마지막 너를 보았을 때 너는 아주 평화롭고 창 너머 먼 눈길 너는 웃으며 내게 말했지 아주 한밤중에도 깨어 있고 싶어 — “Violet” — (Jo Dong Jin ) When … Continue reading

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Teuroteu Tourchsong Tribute: 심수봉 – 사랑밖엔 난 몰라!

Perhaps nothing inspires my inner Tourchsong Crooner like the teuroteu classic “I Know Nothing But Love” (사랑밖엔 난 몰라) by Shim Soo Bong (심수봉). I first heard it nearly a year ago in the absurdly addictive kdrama Boys Over Flowers and was immediately hooked. So it was not long before a casual search of the interwebs yielded a bumper crop of YouTube videos of several versions of the song performed by the teuroteu legend herself as well as … Continue reading

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Playing Favorites… the KDrama and Film ‘Must See’ List

Long overdue is the time to tip the nib of my (virtual) pen to those dramas and feature films to which I have been awarding my highest rating, three stars.  If you wish to see a comprehensive list of titles I’ve explored since setting off on this adventure, you may find it in “Curio in KDramaland… (or, Through the Sageuk Lens)“. You will also find the key to the asterisk and numeric annotation. … Continue reading

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Island in the stream…

The summer after I received my diploma in Romance Languages and Literatures and struck out into the world as a Medievalist, I happened upon I know-not-what Korean Drama on hulu and I could not take my eyes off the 16-episode tale so woeful that it wrung from me every last tear my lacrimal glands could produce, leaving me quite spent. Then I discovered DramaFever and for six months after that I drank … Continue reading

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