Teuroteu Tourchsong Tribute: 심수봉 – 사랑밖엔 난 몰라!


Shim Soo Bong (심수봉)

Perhaps nothing inspires my inner Tourchsong Crooner like the teuroteu classic “I Know Nothing But Love” (사랑밖엔 난 몰라) by Shim Soo Bong (심수봉). I first heard it nearly a year ago in the absurdly addictive kdrama Boys Over Flowers and was immediately hooked. So it was not long before a casual search of the interwebs yielded a bumper crop of YouTube videos of several versions of the song performed by the teuroteu legend herself as well as others by a plethora of singers with different interpretations.

Naturally, Geum Jan Di’s halting dedication to her beleaguered love in chapter 15 of Boys Over Flowers will always have a special place in the hearts of fans. However, I don’t think anything can hold a candle to Shim Soo Bong’s original performances. I found this gem on YouTube for your listening and sing-along pleasure:

심수봉 – 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (1987年)

Son Ji Yeon’s (손지연) world-weary acoustic guitar accompanied interpretation is quite surprising given the teuroteu origins of the song, but it is also rather moving:

I only know love – Son Ji-yeon, 사랑밖에 난 몰라 – 손지연, Lalala 20090212

Every once in a while a lovely little surprise pops up on YouTube — like this beautiful solo guitar arrangement of the song:

사랑밖엔 난 몰라 – 심수봉

Of course, here is the lovelorn Geum Jan Di (played by Gu Hye Sun in one of her finer moments in the drama) serenading the equally overwrought Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho). Ah, young love…. sigh

Ku Hye Sun 사랑밖에 난 몰라 (I Don’t Know Anything But Love)

It’s worth mentioning that Yoon Ji Hoo (played by Kim Hyung Joon) also offers an impromptu performance of a 1 minute snippet of the song on the harmonica at his grandfather’s clinic in chapter 20 (about 52 mins into the episode)
[NB. The video is cued to start just before Ji Hoo’s performance and will continue to the end].

And so, to all you secret Tourchsong Crooners out there, enjoy 사랑밖에 난 몰라 with the text below along with a rough translation:

사랑밖에 난 몰라 (한글) I Only Know Love (English)
그대 내곁에 선 순간
그 눈빛이 너무 좋아
어제는 울었지만
오늘은 당신땜에
내일은 행복할거야
The moment you stood by my side,
I loved that look in your eye
Yesterday I cried, but today,
because of you
I’ll be happy tomorrow.
얼굴도 아니 멋도 아니아니
부드러운 사랑만이 필요했어요
지나간 세월모두
당신없이 아무것도 이젠
사랑밖에 난 몰라
It’s not your face, nor your style, no!
But your gentle love
that I needed to forget the past
I can now no longer
do anything
without you
Because I know nothing but love
무심히 버려진 날 위해
울어주던 단 한사람
커다란 어깨위에
기대고 싶은꿈을
당신은 깨지 말아요
For me who was abandoned
without a thought,
I beg you who cried for me:
From the dream where I long
to lean on those broad shoulders
Please don’t wake up!
이날을 언제나 기다려왔어요
서러운 세월만큼 안아주세요
그리운 바람처럼 사라질까봐
사랑하다 헤어지면 다시
당신이 너무 좋아
I’ve waited for this day so long
please hold me for all the sorrowful years
Because I fear that you
might fade away like the wind
I miss you when we are parted…
I love you
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5 Responses to Teuroteu Tourchsong Tribute: 심수봉 – 사랑밖엔 난 몰라!

  1. Okay, this has to be kismet, or something… Watching chapter 12 of Heartless City and Soo Min starts singing a karaoke 사랑밖에 난 몰라 ! Granted, the context is miserably squalid, but still… 🙂

  2. … and another one! Just happened to be looking at (not really watching) chapter 1 of Dream High when what should I hear but Bae Yong Jun improvising a blend of George Gershwin’s “Summer time” with 사랑밖에 난 몰라 . 🙂

    This may be a short-lived dopamine high (hello gratification impulse!) but I’m going to savor it while I look for a video clip of this new gem to add to my collection above. Check it out starting at 59:00 mins here: Dream High audition test.

    So it looks like Dream High is next on my list… !

  3. Wow, this song is so much more fashionable than I realized when I first put together this little tribute!

    See @35:50 of Chapter 2 oin Dream High the extortion.

  4. Why not add to the lovely memory of ♡Bae Yong Jun♡ playing a medley of Gershwin’s “Summer Time” and Shin Soo Bong’s “사랑밖에 난 몰라” in episode 1 by including the birthday song “Winter Child” to the mix?


    [[PS – In case the video clip does not appear in the space above, just refresh the page and it should show up]]

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