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FTLY_Comedy_RibbonSea of Drama Inkwell, a web magazine dedicated to publishing literary analyses of ethics in storytelling in Korean Drama narratives, started out as an idea sandbox meant to be “a forum for challenging our attitudes about truth, possibility and impossibility, and ultimately for generating new questions from old assumptions.” It was built to provide a place for a group of friends to share thoughts on art, music, mathematics, philosophy, cinema – you name it – in contexts broad and esoteric and to reflect on the experience of living in conversation with other curious folk. Sea of Drama was our place to pose those infrequently asked questions that echo just out of earshot, to write about the things we care about, the thoughts that wander through our minds in moments of distraction from ordinary things. There was no guarantee that anyone would read these pages, but I did hope we would write in them…

Well, the new iteration of the sandbox, “proudly powered by WordPress,” grew up somewhere along the way, became less pressed – as it were. The sandbox lay deserted for a while, until one day I fell down the rabbit hole of KDrama and suddenly there was something to talk about!

Unexpected new friends have come to play, stopping a while to read my musings on KDrama and sometimes even joining in the fun and sharing their thoughts. Slowly but surely, Sea of Drama Inkwell has given itself over to a growing predilection for KDrama: the banner has evolved into a celebration of Secret Garden’s “김수한무” onomastic tragic-comedy, and the principle menu categories have become Sageuk and the works of my favorite actors Lee Yo Won, Jang Hyeok, and Hyeon Bin.


Visitors can now elect to browse through only the posts that fall into the categories listed in the menu, see the most talked about entries, subscribe to Sea of Drama Inkwell for updates on new posts and even follow me on Twitter.

I intend to come by here occasionally to think out loud, tuck away some curious observation, some verse that catches my fancy. And of course, join in the adventures in KDramaland every once in a while.

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