Dae-Gil, Lee Geon, Ddol-Bok, Go-Ni,
O-Joon, Ki-tae, Ji-Koo, Joon-Ki
Do-Hyun, Moon-Soo, Kyeong-Su, Min-Soo,
Gi-Seo, Chul-Min, Hyun-Woo, Myung-Woo…

A multitude of different lives,
each quickened by a single soul;

His tempered voice the song of Faith,
His hooded eyes the face of Hope.

A tear, a smile, a rumbling sigh
that let us stop for just a while

to watch with love as Park Jae-Young
claims his right to be 무영 (無影) Mu-Young

Very much as (정용준) Jeong Yong-Joon
Graces Art as our (장혁) Jang Hyeok.


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One Response to Yong-Joon-ssi

  1. Curio Serand says:

    Who’s who’s who in the Jang Hyuk filmography…

    Drama Title Characters

    Jang_Hyuk-2014-FTLYLee Geon (Fated to Love You, 2014)

    Jang_Hyuk-2011-DRTDdol-Bok (Deep Rooted Tree, 2011)
    Jang_Hyuk-2011-MidasKim Do-Hyun (Midas, 2011)
    Jang_Hyuk-2010-ChunoDae-Gil (Chuno, 2010)
    Jang_Hyuk-2008-TazzaGo-Ni (Tazza, 2008)
    Jang_Hyuk-2008-RobberKwon O-Joon (Robber, 2008)
    Jang_Hyuk-2007-ThankYouMin Gi-Seo (Thank You, 2007)
    Jang_Hyuk-2002-DaemangPark Jae-Young / Mu-Young (Daemang, 2002)
    Jang_Hyuk-2002-SSBGHan Ki-tae (Successful Story of a Bright Girl, 2002)

    Film Title Characters

    Jang_Hyuk-2014-ThornJoon-Ki (Innocent Thing/Thorn, 2014)

    Jang_Hyuk-2013-Flu Kang Ji-Koo (The Flu, 2013)
    Jang_Hyuk-2011-ClientHan Chul-Min (The Client, 2011)
    Jang_Hyuk-2009-ElephantHyun-Woo (Searching for the Elephant, 2009)
    Jang_Hyuk-2009-Maybe[Eun-Seol (Maybe/The Rabbit and the Lizard, 2009)]
    Jang_Hyuk-2009-5SensesJung Min-Soo (Five Senses of Eros “His Concern”, 2009)
    Jang_Hyuk-2004-WindstruckKo Myung-Woo (Windstruck, 2004)
    Jang_Hyuk-2003-EnglishPark Moon-Soo (Please Teach Me English, 2003)
    Jang_Hyuk-2001-VolcanoHighKim Kyeong-Su (Volcano High, 2001)

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