When words r jjust not enough…

…to accurately describe

운명처럼 널 사랑해 (Fated to Love You)…



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3 Responses to When words r jjust not enough…

  1. panda says:

    LOVE this!!!
    My feelings for Fated are also ones which I can’t put into words.
    It’s completely taken over my heart and I love it to bits

    • Curio Serand says:

      Tell me about it! I debated publishing this post, wondering whether this equation and graph were just a cute coincidence or whether they really were a more accurate expression of my experience with Fated to Love You than I have been able to cobble together with words…

      So I expanded the equation to see if maybe I might get a bit of a feel for its nature from plotting it by hand and I had my resolution: YES, the equation did express a lot about the drama and my own experience with it. You see, when you expand it, it accordions out and reveals all kinds of delicious hidden and internally coherent and resonant details within itself — so very much the way Fated to Love You has been doing every time I take a closer look as I try to finish my third piece about it.

      So out went the post with the graph, in all its clear simplicity and hidden sophistication!

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