Stand in awe of the woven wonder of Words:
these that are nought but wisps crafted of
as much substance as wraiths that haunt
the dreams of mortals;

And once uttered, vanish into that realm
whence the insubstantial spectres that muddle
mens’ minds draw forth; for ‘though
perceived, bear no corporeal weight and
are nothing to the touch.

Yet never was sword crafted so keen and jaggéd
— that so swiftly slid through Nature’s bare
armor to rest enlodgéd in the seat of beings’ hearts,
inextricable by the most cunning devices of Science —
as utterances that make the soul bleed.

Never has the moon so surely turned
the terran tides, nor winds borne
thunderous storms, as verbal invocations do ignite
raging wars in the breasts of half-beasts!

And none may calm such chaos as the very
voice that calls them forth.

Yet one need but recall, and thereafter
wield with well weighed care
these wisps of nothing, that:

In the beginning was the Word.

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