Sea of Drama! New Game, New Name


안녕하세요! 你好!

SPQ&R, aka, Zamani Inkwell is changing it’s name! Once upon a time, I wrote mostly about KDrama and for a while, I believed that was all I would write about here.

This year, however, I discovered three beautiful CDrama offerings and started drafting posts about them. I was so smitten that I even started to learn Chinese so the site started getting populated with the lyrics to the Chinese songs I liked from the dramas I was watching.

So it seemed only right that a changing site should get a new name to reflect its evolution. After connecting a few dots, “S[outh] E[ast] A[sia] Drama” emerged, and a little prepositional nudge resulted in the new name:

“Sea of Drama” [ta-dah!]

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  1. Hajra says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts on dramas, specially the ones about Fated to Love You and the breakdown of Gu Jun pyo’s growth. I have a request – could you do the same for Heart to Heart (2015) and Master: God of Noodles(2016). I believe these two dramas have the same depths to explore, so I would love your detailed take on them. If you could cover What’s Up Fox?(2006) it’d be great. These are all Chun Jung myung’s dramas, I’ve newly discovered him as a gifted actor, as opposed to fangirling about him and his cute smile in the past.

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