Hyeon Bin: “아름다운 사람…” s’all I’m sayin’….

So… the question remains:

HOW is a person even allowed to be THIS beautiful?

Reblogged: Esteeming: Hyun Bin – visit The Fangirl Verdict post and you’ll see what I mean…


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  1. 별 신앙 says:


    Love your blog. Found you after you clicking on a link you posted on The Fangirl Verdict’s blog. – “Esteeming: Hyun Bin”.

    What a beautiful man! I’ve often asked myself how anyone so beautiful can even exist!!!

    Anywho, just thought I’d leave a comment because I couldn’t agree more with your post!


    • Curio Serand says:

      Hello 신앙! Thank you, and welcome! I absolutely love what kfangurl did over at The Fangirl Verdict – I keep going back there and every time I do I get light headed — my, but he’s beautiful!

      Okay – stop stop stop… I’ve been trying / hoping to write reviews of Hyeon Bin’s dramas and films (specifically Secret Garden and, more importantly The Fatal Encounter) but I never get anywhere because I end up just staring and getting light-headed, rewatching (Secret Garden yet again!) and before I know it, the sun has set and risen and it’s time to — I don’t know, do the rest of life…

      I will, I will, I will write about “The Fatal Encounter”… someday soon, I hope… If I can just stop staring, perplexed and wondering : “How on earth is 그남자 (!) so enigmatically – just – so – byuuutiful?!”

      Okay, now I’ll really stop. I know you know what I mean…

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