Fated to Love You: Princess Snail and her Odd Prince

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Fated to love you: Princess Snail and her odd prince

Storytime with Lee Geon and Kim Mi Yeong courtesy of Drama Fan @ “Stuck On Hyuk” 🙂

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  1. Curio Serand says:

    And because these things sometimes tend to disappear from the interweb, a copy below:

    Fated to love you: Princess Snail and her odd prince – Spoilers Finale


    I remember when the Fated to love you posters were released, this one was the most difficult to interpret for me. It felt like a reference to The Jangs first drama, Successful Story of a Bright Girl, where she was his maid at the beginning, but I wasn’t sure that could be all. It still works as such, but it turns out, it had a lot of meaning related to Fated to love you.

    During their honeymoon, while dancing with Geon, Mi Young tells him she used to do the same with her father. She remembers how her father used to call her princess, but she never felt like one, she always felt like a “maid”. A maid is someone whose job is to “serve” and help others. Once again we are reminded of one of the important personality issues of our heroine, who always saw herself as a disposable “post it” girl.

    Geon reminds her that she is a princess who conquered his impenetrable heart, I guess, that’s what the poster above is about. At the same time it seems an obvious reference to Romeo and Juliet since our Snail Couple was also referred to as “Gunmeo and Milliet” in the drama 🙂

    The final episode emphasized various points the writer had been trying to make throughout the drama. The idea of enjoying the present and not worry so much about the future, the idea of Fate Vs Choice, ultimately bringing home the message that choice can change and make our fate.

    But it also spoke of the healing power of the words Thank You, These words were  repeated more often than the words I love you. Mi Young and Geon thanked each other all the time, and spread the same positive vibe among others. These words that Mi Young, the “post it girl” had been waiting her whole life to hear. The beauty of Mi Young is she didn’t need to turn selfish to become stronger.  Even though she was passive, we knew from the beginning that Mi Young was always on the right track and did not require a major transformation. She wanted appreciation and she wanted to become more assertive, so people wouldn’t push her away easily. So that she could take control of her life. Through determination, she accomplished all of this and became a stronger person, while retaining her essence as someone, who will not give up on those she loves. Which is beautiful, because that was never a flaw, in the first place.

    So later, Geon tells his children the story of how a princess who was not good in math (I loved Mi Young’s not amused expression and him noticing  and trying to pass this segment of the story quickly) but was great in healing damaged hearts, saved the odd “Prince in distress” just by sticking to him, slowly slowly, but surely and strongly.

    “Princess Snail” (copied from Soompi. The person who translated it, please tell me so I can give her credit)

    Once upon a time…
    there was a princess who lived on a little island.
    The princess wore big, round glasses.
    She wasn’t good at studying, especially with math.
    She was the worst in her class.
    The princess had an illness.
    She had a strange illness that kept her from ever refusing a stranger’s request.
    It also kept her from abandoning anyone once she had accepted them.
    She doesn’t even know that she’s a princess but thinks of herself as a maid.

    There was also an odd prince who lived in a neighboring country.
    At first, the prince called the princess Princess Snail, or just snail.
    “Where did the snail go?”
    “Have you seen the snail?”
    That’s how he talked.

    little by little…
    The princess approached the prince…
    and made him fall in love with her.

    One day…
    The prince eventually became addicted to the princess.
    He also had an illness that meant he couldn’t live without her.
    People worried about the prince and felt sorry for him.
    But the prince wasn’t scared at all.
    It’s because the princess was with him.
    As long as the princess stays with him…
    and as long as the princess loves him…
    the prince will never be sick again.

    The princess and the prince have twins…
    and live happily ever after.
    Now they’ll be happy forever and ever.
    They’ll be happy forever…

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