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Dae-Gil, Lee Geon, Ddol-Bok, Go-Ni, O-Joon, Ki-tae, Ji-Koo, Joon-Ki Do-Hyun, Moon-Soo, Kyeong-Su, Min-Soo, Gi-Seo, Chul-Min, Hyun-Woo, Myung-Woo… A multitude of different lives, each quickened by a single soul; His tempered voice the song of Faith, His hooded eyes the face of Hope. A tear, a smile, a rumbling sigh that let us stop for just a while to watch with love as Park Jae-Young claims his right to be 무영 (無影) Mu-Young … Continue reading

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Ahn Seok-Hwan (안석환) – The (not)-Everyman Extraordinaire!

To celebrate the end of my first year as a KDrama aficionado, I’ve put together a little tribute to Ahn Seok-Hwan, that bundle of awesome that comes wrapped in a different package in every – and I do mean every other (well, almost) KDrama I’ve seen. He is that guy – you know, the character actor who seems to appear in every drama you watch, is always very present, very different, yet so, so familiar that it … Continue reading

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